What beautiful colors!

I should really start waking up earlier, its so nice to watch the sun rise. Such wonderful colors.


New PJs!!

Here the little girls are wearing the new PJs Grandma Lulu made for them, They have been wearing them for the last few nights, and I think it maybe time to put them in the wash!


Susi, Abi and I have been volunteering at Fort Scott (which is about 45 min. north of us) doing re-enacting. We have gone several times but I keep forgetting to bring the camera, so we have very few pictures.

Here is a picture that Grandma Lulu took of us at home. These are the clothes that we wore at the Candle Light Tour. Which we all had a really great time at.

Here is Abi at the Fort, She is dressed in a daygown, as an officers daughter.

And here is Maddi, she is also an officers daughter.

Summer Vacation to Minn.

Here is Kaja looking for agates at Lake Superior.

Lib at Grandma Lulu and Grandpa Bob's nude beach. Ha! : )

While we were leaving Lake Superior these dark clouds rolled in at created this cool effect on the water.

Maddi Jo at Lake Superior.

Mom and Dad dressed in native apparel. LOL!!

Abi, driving her new car!

Angie and Vi at Lake Superior.

Here we all are (we'er in the green ASG t-shirts) at Angies Granduation Party.

Blu and Cousin Jacob at the park in Mora, Minn. We LOVE this park, it is entirely made out of woob beams and tires.

Ellie at Lake Superior, we all had fun climbing on the rocks.