2 bucks a cut!

Dad's hair was looking a bit shaggy, and so he hired El and Vi to give him a cut.

Here is El, working with the buzzers.

And Vi, with the scissors, this didn't last long though, Dad was wanting to keep his ears attached to his head.

And this here is what Lib thought of his new buzz job.

Three new kids!!!

We have three new additions to the farm, three kids.

Abi's goat, Jezzelle, had two.

And Blu's, Honey, had one.

And they are the cutest little things!!! Abi's will come right up to me, and sit in my lap. And they love to be petted.


Pretty Pretty Brides,

Maddi, Ellie Kaja, Violet and Libby got to wear Abi's Wedding dress LOL ( She found it at a garage sale last summer and only paid 20 dollars!)


Babes in Shades lol!

Lib and Vi love to get into my things, particularly my sunglasses!

She is such a funny baby, she wants to be like us big girls.

Vivi, you can't really see it, but she is also wearing her "ballerina" (leotard) as she calls it.

And here is Abi, she just had to get in on the fun. lol!


Susan's Story

Aunt Carol's

"Martha come and look at this dress" squealed Ruby They just gotten The Wards Catalog and Ruby was flipping through the pages, "Hmm only 29.98" teased Martha, admiring the pretty gold dress "Okay here's a better one" Said Ruby pointing at a attractive periwinkle dress at a more reasonable price of 9.98.

"Girls have you finished packing yet?" called Mrs Mckinley, at the bottom of the stairs "Not yet Mother" replied Ruby, sheepishly closing the catalog and returning to her suitcase. Both the girls were getting ready to spend the summer at there Aunt Carols farm, "Ruby could I borrow your hat with the two bows, for the trip there?" inquired Martha "if you let me use your new gloves, you may" offered Ruby stifling a giggle and dangling the veiled hat, giving a ugly grimace Martha grumbled "Oh all right".

The next morning the girls hurried through breakfast and impatiently waited for there Father to finish his, "We still have 30 minutes" he laughed as he finished his last spoonful of oatmeal and standing up he finally said "Okay girls, time to go"

They gave their Mother a big hug and hastened to the car
Arriving at the station, the girls fetched there luggage and hugged their father. Once they boarded the train and settled down in one of the comfortable benches they both picked a book from their large stockpile.

Time flew as the girl peacefully read their books by lunchtime though they both had empty stomachs "At the next stop lets pick something up" said Martha, having already finished her book she tried to take a nap but eventually gave up "Ruby why don't you read out loud" she asked "hmm?, Oh okay" was the distracted answer. Clearing her throat she began to read.
The Mysterious Castle

Sally Willson knocked on the large door of an old castle, waiting several minutes she concluded that it was deserted and the owner wouldn't mind if she spent the night, out of the bitter cold. Walking into the large entry she saw a smaller door. The floor creaked and moaned under each step. She entered the room, holding her breath. That was when the chandelier fell. gasping she jumped back and stumbled into the strong arms of a..............................

Ruby paused and shut the book. The train had finally stopped, now was the time to buy something for lunch. They grabbed their purses and headed out the door "What should we get?" asked Martha streching her limbs, she fetched a $1.00 out of her purse "Mother gave me the lunch money" she said waving the bill in the air. Laughing at the funny gesture Ruby suggested the local Drug Store. "Alright! lets ask that man over there" said Martha glancing at a neatly dressed gentleman.

Once they found the store, They both ordered a grilled cheese sandwich and shake. Savoring their food the girls talked about their plans once they reached Aunt Carols. "Oh my!" cried Martha "we're going to be late, if we don't start moving!" thry quickly gathered their things and Rushed through the busy streets. They reached the station with only seconds to spare. Collapsing into the bench they both heaved a sigh of relief "lets pay more attention to the time" laughed Ruby. Picking up the book she proceeded to read

Man, Terrified she attempted to run, but He held on to her arm "Don't be scared I'm not anything to worry about" he said "I was only here to get out of the cold" she said, still terrified of the man "Oh well I have plenty of guest rooms, if you still want to stay here" He led her down a long hallway "This castle used to be brimming with people, but ever since the war it has been desolate" he said sadly shaking his head. "Aha, Here is my favorite room" Opening the door she gasped at the beauty it beheld. Turning to look at him she noticed a blindfold over his eyes. "Yes I'm blind" he responded to her shocked silence. "But how can you be blind" she asked not able to believe him, "Are you wondering how I can effortfully move about this large castle and fend for myself like any other person?"

"My eyes are getting tired from reading" giggled Ruby closing the book once more. She looked at Martha and stiffled a laugh, the poor girl had fallen asleep. The rest of the trip was spent lazily reading.

The sun had gone down by the time they arrived at the Cherryville station.
quickly fetching their belonging, they got off the train. "There's Aunt Carol!" cried Martha waving her hand at the pretty woman. Both girls ran to there Aunt and after giving the customary hugs, they bombarded her with questions "What do you have planned for us" teased Ruby "and what's for dinner! asked Martha, laughing at their aunts response. They hopped into the car and drove too a nearby Diner.