Becca Up North; Ina's, Finley, North Dakota

We stayed a couple nights in Valley City, then we went over to Finley to visit Grandma Evi's sister Ina.
Back row: Ilean, Me, Auntie Susan, Auntie Marlys, Grandma Lulu, Janice
Front row: Ina, Grandma Evi

Becca Up North; Valley City, City of Bridges

They have an unusual amount of bridges in this little town. The Sheyenne River winds it's way right through.This is the walking bridge.

Becca Up North; Medicine Wheel Park, Valley City, North Dakota

This is a park we visited while in Vally City. You're supposed to be able to, at sun-set and rise, stand in one spot and use the arranged rocks to track the suns movement over the seasons.
A little lizard we saw basking in the sun.


Three down twenty-five to go

Violet:I think you'll like my tooth. Well, it looks pretty.... does it look pretty?

Ellie: I lost a tooth before that day, I wonder why they don't have a picture of that?

Susan: You lost a tooth Ellie!! Congratulations!


I took these pictures of Miss Jubi a short while ago. Just a few of her basic expressions.


Becca Up North: Sunrise over Knife Lake

Becca Up North: Duluth, Lake Superior

Becca Up North: On the lake

Me and Grandma Lulu

Summer and Auntie Marlys

Amanda, Grandpa Bob, Aden, Grandma Evi (behind Summer) and Summer


Fair Time!!

We love going to the fair!

Me and Jubi sharing an ice-cream

Dad and Kaja. The ice-cream was so yummy we came back for seconds before we left for home :P

Blu, Maddi, Dad, Libby and Mom

Violet and her Tattoo (It didn't last long :( )

And Libby's (and again didn't last :( )

Violet, Blu, Abi and Jubi looking at the horses

Ellie petting a Jersey

Mom, Jubi, Abi and Maddi

Heading back home!! We sang along to our cassette "Good Old Rock and Roll"

Schermerhorn Park and Nature Center

When Grandma and Grandpa came down from MN we spent a day sight-seeing the local attractions :D

The nature center was really neat, they had so many cool things to look at :D Real live snakes, turtles, frogs, bees, black widows, tarantulas!!! (Did you know they have black widows and tarantulas in Kansas!! :P) The park is cool too! There's a cave, creek and trails.

Abi, (you can see Blu's reflection in the glass)

Maddi with a skunk! We have those too!

Maddi and Kaja with there pets, Fox and Raccoon.

Kaja by a one-way glass for observing birds and squirrels.

Ellie and Libby.

Grandpa, Grandma, Blu, Kaja, Maddi, Ellie, Violet and Libby in the cave!

Abi gets a trim!



After! :D

So Abi, tell us what you think of your new do?! :D

July 4th 1845

We spend a day at Fort Scott, during their Military Holiday.

Jubi and me.

Our friend Lindsey and me doing needlework.

Me again!

Our friends :D

Katie and Kaja.

You know who, bringing lunch.

Who's that sleeping at our picnic?