Toothless Beauty!!

About a week ago Zurielle lost the second of her two front teeth! As a tradition, she got $2, for pulling it out herself.


It's Back!!

Ok, the electricity is back on. Woo-Hoo! LOL!

We were out for 3 days, and I am so thankful its back.


We have NO electricity!!! AAAAAH!!

Ok, we do have a little generator, that produces a wee bit of electricity, so we can still use our computer, we're cold but we still have our computer! LOL!

We had an ice storm over the week-end, and now there are over 100,000 people, in the area, that are out of electricity! we called the our provider, and they told us that it could be a few DAYS, before we got hooked up again. And it's going to be around 5 degrees tonight! So if you don't hear from us again we've probably froze to death!
No, I think we are better off then a lot of the people in there area, and especially the people in the city. I am so thankful we have our little fire place.

And if I can get my camera to work, I will try to post some photos of all the ice outside. But believe me, its not looking to promising, its one of those things, we always seem to have trouble keeping a camera alive.


Black and White photos

Ellie, Age 6 (she has recently lost a tooth!)
Grumpy Maddi Jo : ( Age 8 (she is usualy quite happy) (Hehe)
Liberty Grace, Age 1 1/2


Some pictures of racoons that got chased up our trees!

These next few posts are of pictures we've taken in last month or 2 (or 3?). Hope you enjoy them! :D
(p.s. Can you find the racoon in this picture?)

Some more pictures!

Pictures Kaja took! and some Angie took.



The weather has taken a colder turn. We were having wonderful weather last week, I was contemplating wearing a t-shirt and tank top! but I suppose that it is still good, so long as you stay inside and wear a sweatshirt and two layers of socks.
This is what it looked like when I went out to give my horse, Yucca, her grain. And funny me, I'm standing out there with the camera and I forget to take a picture of her! Oh well, I'll do that later.