Jubi Update!

Adorable! I know that I'm probably biased, but can anyone deny it! Of course you have to be able to kiss and cuddle her to know really how completely captivating she is.

Also, just for your information, the shirt she is wearing, reads 24 months on the label, and those jeans, 2T. Currently she has only been outside her mother for 6.5 months. She's picked up the nickname "Heavy Duty".


More Braids (model, Kaja)

Kaja wanted me to do something special with her hair this morning. She's always been one to try unusual styles.

It didn't turn out quite as nice as I would've liked, gets kinda loose in some areas. But not to bad, considering how long I've been doing this.

And if nothing else, it keeps the hair off her neck.


Princess Braid

I usually do a few of the little girls hair in the morning, and I've been practicing french braids lately.
When Violet's turn came, she had a special request. It took a little while for me to understand exactly what she wanted, but when she said "like a crown" it clicked.

I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to make this work, I had really only seen Abi do it a couple times before.

But I think it turned out pretty nice, and I think Violet liked it too.


Jubi the Riviter

I should have taken a photo of her thighs, because they're amazingly thick.

So far, there hasn't been any sign that our daily praise of her adorableness is going to her head.

If she had realized that there was something on her head, she'd probably have had it off in a second, and right into her mouth.

I don't think she really knows what we were doing, more likely excited because she wants to get her hands on the camera, and well you know what next.

A bit of storm damage.

Last Monday a storm blew through and did a number on our van, and one of the trailers. I guess it said on the news that the wind got up to 75mph in some places. Tree limbs, leaves and twigs were everywhere.

Poor Aunt Fanny (we name our vehicles), she has served us well.

She trusted us to park her in a safe place, and look what happened. We're not sure if she is repairable, or if it's worth it.

And here is the trailer.

So far, we have repaired the roof outside, but it is still to be decided what would be the best way to patch that up.

This photo kinda gives me the willies, like the branch is reaching in. Maybe it's the angle of the photo.