Fort Scott Re-enactment!

Yesterday, a bunch of the family headed up to Fort Scott for a Civil War style baseball game and then a calico dance. Unfortunately I entirely forgot to take any photos of the game or the dance! I'm hoping that the someone at the Fort will burn us a disc of the photos they t00k. So all is not lost.
And I did get some photos of us just hanging about before-hand.

Daddy, looking quite nice in his historical attire.

And me in the my very own dress that I made!

Abi was the one taking these photos of us (she is not used to my camera). And well she kept taking what were to her hilarious photos, we tried to not laugh with her but as you see here we failed.

And here we are again, trying to look like we are having a nice conversation. Though I don't know why Susan is giving me that funny look.

Susan had dressed in an outfit of what would be a lower class woman, maybe a laundress. And here she is I suppose waiting for her husband to come home after a long days work, as you can tell by the smuts on her apron.

And Susan again. That dress looked quite nice on her.

And Blu, also looking quite fine.

Here you can see his whole outfit.

And the three younger girls. They spent their day (when they were not playing ball or dancing) doing some sketching, chatting with the other girls, eating ice cream, wandering around and checking to see if the soldier at the bake house was done with the bread yet.


Strawbale Construction Workshop

Whenever I go camping, I usually wake up at the crack of dawn, this trip was no exception. But I did get to see a wonderful sunrise.

Here is Blu and Abi, slapping mud. I wish I had thought of taking some photos of the rest of the house. It's going to be beautiful.

We have read all kinds of books on doing this stuff, even watched a video about it, but nothing beats actually getting you hands in there and trying it out yourself.

Blu had a very good time.

And Abi, one of the best mudders there.

And here is me and Blu, smoothing out that mud.

And me. They had provided gloves for everyone to use, but Abi and I soon had those off, bare hands seemed to do the best job. I had been afraid the mud would dry my skin out, but after two days, other them my knuckles getting a bit scratched up, it wasn't to bad.