Moving On

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Surprise Guests for Grandma Evie

Dylan, trying to shoot fish with his BB gun.


Auntie Tammi and Grandma Evie

Uncle Jimmy, Uncle Tommy, Grandpa Bob, and Uncle Jason.

Grandma Lulu, relaxing.

Grandma Evie

This is one (of many) photos Lib took. Auntie Tammi.

Here is another, of Uncle Jason.

And another by Lib, of Uncle Tommy.

Lucy, good dog!

The apple blossoms survived the night!

Little sprouts looked liked they faired pretty well too, not sure what they are though.


I think these are plum blossoms ???

Some wild flowers for Mom.

Another, rather weird looking blossom Grandma Lulu pointed out to me.

Payton and Kaja, trying to get Lucy to get in the paddle boat.

Uncle Jimmy, Uncle Jason, and Grandpa Bob.

Lib was being a little shy and clingy.

Kaja and Payton.

Uncle Jason, Grandpa Bob, Grandma Evie, Uncle Tommy, Missy with her little boy, Steven, on her lap, and Eric, Missy's husband.

Wish I'd taken more photos!