Another pair of kids!

Zurielle's goat, Star, had twins this morning, they are adorable!

They were born some time in the night or early morning, I would say it was closer to this morning though, because they were still having trouble walking and nursing, but we soon took care of that! When we left, they were energetically suckling on there mom, waging their little tails.

They both climbed into Kaja's lap to take a quick rest.


Sunrise, Sunset...

Here is a photo of the sunset a couple days ago, the sky was such a bright pink! We all had to get out and get a look at it. The photo really doesn't do it justice.


Around the farm

Here is one of the newest additons to our farm

Violet, she just L-O-V-E's these babies

And here are both of them with their mother

And Lib, she is giving her goat call

She loves to play outside, almost as much as Violet does!

Now, that is a libby look

Here are is a photo of what our garden looks like so far, onions and potatoes.

Here is Yucca, I have to say, she is the most independent animal we own (grrr!)

Annabelle, the dairy cow

Natasha, the hopefully pregnant cow

Queeny, the hamburger cow

And here is the proud father of the cute little baby goats in the first photos, and another member of his harem