Kaja's bass!


Feeding the chipmunks

I took pictures as the chipmunk went from each of their hands, collecting each and every seed, packing it all into his cheeks.

From Payton's...

...to Kaja's...

...to Abi's.

At Great Grandma Fern's

Great Grandma Fern, Becca, Abi, Kaja, and Grandma Jenny

The Bear Sanctuary

Along with Uncle Guy and family we went to The Bear Sanctuary up on Orr Minn.

Starting on the left, there is Ethan (up front) then Makaila (not sure if thats how they spell it) is in Amanda's arms, Uncle Guy with Dylan and Kaja in front of him, then Abi, Taylor, Becca, and Grandma Jenny.

Dylan, Abi, Taylor, and Kaja

Abi and Dylan

Kaja, Grandma Jenny, and Ethan

Abi and Kaja.
I should have asked Uncle Guy to take a photo of all three of us. Oh well!

The Flood of '07

Susan took these photos of the flood we had early last June.

Lake Lawton,
Now usually the only water that is flowing through this area is a little bitty creek, way over along those trees in the distance.

Here is the creek I mentioned above, though as you can see it would be more appropriate to call it a river.

Miss Libby, looking her adorable self.

Dad, Ellie, Maddi, Kaja, Abi, and Violet in her arms.

Action photo, I really have not idea what was going on at that moment.

Ellie and Becca

At Tammi's

Starting on the left, there is Grandma Jenny, Paul, Auntie Tammi, Maddi (in front, she was busy talking to Erin and Auntie Tammi), then Ellie, Erin and Violet.


In the lake

Some more photos of the little girls at Grandma Lulu and Grandpa Bob's in Minn.





Military Holiday 2007

Here is Ellie participating in the Gunny Sack race!Liberty was enjoying the shade and checking out the pretty hoops for "Graces"Violet playing Marbles, She played in the Championship round and did a marvelous job.
Maddi got third place tying with Blu!
Blu won the tie breaker, winning a bag of Marbles!
After marbles everyone had a slice of Watermelon.
A Family Portrait
From Left to Right Me, Maddi (age 9) Libby (age 1 +) Mom,
Ellie (age 7), Blu (age 14) Dad and Violet (age 3)
I don't know how I got this picture, but it was to funny not to post :D