A couple long over due trims, and a haircut

Blu and Dad were in dire need of a trim, so while a good friend of ours was over to cut mine, we got them taken care of aswell.

See Blu Before > Just imagine this longer and shaggier.

I don't think I have one photo of Dad from the last six months, so no before for him.

See Rebecca Before > Sorry it's so small, I rarely wear my hair down, and this was the only one I had on the computer.

My hair was half way down my back, and I love the look of long hair, but it was plain old getting my in way! Getting caught behind my back when I sit in the car, takes at least twice and long to brush or wash, etc, etc. I also can't stand sleeping with my hair touching my face, but it was getting so long that I couldn't just flip it out of the way. So, after I cut Susi's hair for her this last month, it got me in mood to make a change for myself.