Jubi Dresses Up

Black and White Snow

While out taking photos in the snow, my camera got switched to black and white mode. And with all the glare off the snow, I didn't notice till after going back inside.

Enjoying the Snow

Dress Up

The Princess

The Princess and The Bride (Violet has a bit of a evil grin here)

Sleeping Beauty

Libby said "No, I'm sleeping beauty"

And proceeded to tackle her sister.

Violet survived.



Nap Time

Little Jubi is so good about taking naps. The only thing she'll fuss about is if she can't get at her bottle. Sometimes she'll just lie down all on her own, but there is always someone there in a second to cuddle a little with her.


Hawk in a Tree, by Kaja

Kaja took these photos while we were at the Fort. Not bad.


CLT 2009: The Dance

How we managed to take so many grainy photos over the weekend, I do not know.
This is just as we got to the top of the stairs. The Dancing had already started, Susi is watching and trying to not make funny faces. She has the hardest time staying still for photos. I usually have to snap ones without her knowing.

Abi and her friend Lindsey.

Blu and Kaja.

Everyone was in two big circles, the ladies all in one, inside the circle of gentleman. Of course there was a rather bad shortage of men, so rather then just sitting around, ladies often danced together. Anyway, each couple would do some particular steps, and then the ladies in the inner circle would all move over to the next person in the outer circle. I like these dance, they seem to be simpler than others. Simple is good for me.

That's Ellie in the center. The long haired little girl.

After that dance was done we all jumped into the next one, and I put my camera down and I am sorry to say that it stayed there.

Turns out you can really work up a sweat dancing. Later Susi and I headed out onto the front porch to cool off. And Kaja happend to already be out there and snapped one of the only photos of me dressed out. And the only one I was willing to post. It's a good view of my backside.

Well, the crisp air outside soon revived Susi. She and Kaja did some more dancing.

Eventually we headed back inside and danced one more dance. But then we all had to get ready for the tours that evening.

CLT 2009: Day One

This is the Grand Hall, which is the last stop of the Candle Light Tour.

Okay, well I did a really bad job of getting everyones photos taken, the first day I didn't do any. Everything was just a little crazy.
But, Abi did go out and take a few with Maddi.


Blu and another person from the scene he was in.

This is what they refer to as Officers Row.

I wish I had taken some photos after it got dark, gotta remember that next year. All the candles are really pretty.