The darling, lovely, adorable, blessing Jubilee!

I can not describe the feelings that swell in the depths of my heart, or soul, inside of me, when I look at her.

She doesn't actually cry very often, usually she just starts grunting and we all come running.

Liberty calls Juby "sisser baby". (thats not a spelling error, Lib doesn't pronounce her "T" very well)

At about 5 in the morning, on the day she was delivered, I went to wake up the younger girls, And they asked right away "Girl or boy!?" (why else would I be waking them in the middle of the night!) So, when I stated "Girl!", they started to lament jokingly, "Noooo, not another girl!". Then after they calmed down a bit, and I started to get them out of bed, Kaja asked "So? What is it?" I was a little confused but stated again that is was a girl. "Oh, I thought you were joking" was her reply.

This may be more information then you really want, but whenever she has to poop, she tightens up her fists and holds them up near her chin. Which is the cutest thing to all of us.

Candle Light Tour, 2008

Earlier this month Susi, Blu, Kaja, and I participated in the 27th annual Candle Light Tour, at the Fort, in Fort Scott. It goes on for two evenings. Each night we have 10+ tours, depending on how many tickets sell.
On the actual tour, the visitors follow a tour leader around the fort, accompanied by tour followers (which are volunteers, who are there to help anyone who needs it, point out tripping hazzards, etc.) and they will stop at scenes in various places. Susi played a bride in one scene, She was Miss Jamima Roach, getting married to a Sargent, which I cannot remember the name of. It was played out in a supposed court house.

Of course if you know Susi, you could guess that she was a nervous wreck. The first time she got up there in front of the "Justice of the Peace", she had began to wonder what she had gotten into. The visitors were supposed to leave soon after the actual wedding started, but she said, she was often waiting up there on pins and needles because the visitors would lag behind, apparently not wanting the leave right in the middle of the ceremony.

Blu, Kaja, and I were tour followers. Which is fun to do, because we get to see each scene, were if you are in one then you will most likely not get to see any other of them.
Well, you probably noticed, I didn't get any photos Blu and Kaja. Not sure what I was thinking.