Susi + Jubi

Jubi has a particular attachment to Susi. And vice-versa.

With past babies, I (Rebecca) was second only to Mom.

There are pros and cons. When I was the most desired big sister, I was the one wanted (if Mom wasn't available) when they were tired and cranky. So now with Jubi, it's Susi she wants. So that's nice.....I think. Sometimes she reaches for Blu rather then me. I don't really like that. Babies!


It started out just being Ellie, Vi, and Lib playing with the dough, but...

soon the other girls joined in. At least the ones who didn't mind getting sticky dough all over their fingers.

Libby made a nice kabob.

A Peach, by Ellie

She noticed that the shadow looked like a toothbrush.

Violet made some weird looking tubular things.

Kaja made a few flowers.

Violet was watching her...

and decided to also try her hand at it.

Here is the blue rose she made.

Ellie was busy making lots of little colorful balls.

And then putting them into their respective caps.

Liberty told me here that those were pumpkins and cherries.

Jubi also wanted to participate. But she has a tendency of putting things into her mouth and then trying to ingest them.