Jubi in the Morning

She likes to get into things that are supposed to be out of her reach.

I tell her "no".

She just gives me a knowing smile. She usually gets what she wants.

Looks like spring

Picked some daffodils and have them in a jar on my bedside table, pretty fragrant. They are blooming all over the place.

Jubi, ready for the warmer weather!

She is living proof, that it is not always a good idea to buy clothing for children to far ahead of time, she is only a year and a half, but she wears 3T. Mom had a couple sun-dresses she got last summer/fall that were 24m, but they are just too small! :D


Today - SNOW :P

And it keeps coming down!

Yesterday - Sunny and warm!


Vi and Julia Rosabell

We have a little orphan kid living with us. She fits right in with the other little ones. :P

She nibbles on everything!

Yes, that is a diaper she is wearing. It had the tendency to fall off, which is kinda ineffective, so using a safety pin we attached it to her little sweater. Works like a charm!

Vi and Lib, reading a book

The girls were looking at Abi's pattern making book, they were deciding which ladies were Lib and which were Vi.