Military Holiday 2007

Here is Ellie participating in the Gunny Sack race!Liberty was enjoying the shade and checking out the pretty hoops for "Graces"Violet playing Marbles, She played in the Championship round and did a marvelous job.
Maddi got third place tying with Blu!
Blu won the tie breaker, winning a bag of Marbles!
After marbles everyone had a slice of Watermelon.
A Family Portrait
From Left to Right Me, Maddi (age 9) Libby (age 1 +) Mom,
Ellie (age 7), Blu (age 14) Dad and Violet (age 3)
I don't know how I got this picture, but it was to funny not to post :D


~Abigail Jenny said...

Oh! Wow!! You all look SO cool!! I wish I could have been there!! It would have been so much fun!! We need to have the WHOLE family to go sometime!! :)

Jay Scott said...
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Jay Scott said...

I agree, ~abigail jenny! I was thinking the same thing yesterday when we were all there...it would be so great to have the whole family here...I imagine we'll do it again when we're all together. Frankly, I went only to support Susan...but discovered it was fun!

~Abigail Jenny said...

Lol! Oh good! I'm glad you liked it! What kind of "characters" were you all? Laundresses family? Civiliens? I'm excited to go to one all together now!! :D

Jay Scott said...

Yes. I was re-enacting a laudress's husband.