The Flood of '07

Susan took these photos of the flood we had early last June.

Lake Lawton,
Now usually the only water that is flowing through this area is a little bitty creek, way over along those trees in the distance.

Here is the creek I mentioned above, though as you can see it would be more appropriate to call it a river.

Miss Libby, looking her adorable self.

Dad, Ellie, Maddi, Kaja, Abi, and Violet in her arms.

Action photo, I really have not idea what was going on at that moment.


Anonymous said...

Hello,...I was looking over this blog and I just had to comment on what a sweet family you are.

I love the pictures!

Thank you for sharing them.

~Marie -(A friend of Abi's from Lupine Ranch)

Abigail Jenny said...

Oh! Hi Marie!! Thanks for stopping by! :D Thank you! *hugs*