Abi gets a trim!



After! :D

So Abi, tell us what you think of your new do?! :D


Abigail Jenny said...

I like it, but gosh! My hair was LONG! :P

Miss Amy said...

ooh!! It's so pretty!! :OD Your hair WAS long! Wow! :-)

Anonymous said...

Very Pretty! I like it! Melissa

Anonymous said...

hi this is payton ....hahha
how is everyon i am good school iis BORRING hehe and nice hair abi at my bday pary i had a few friends come over and my friends and i cut my friend aris hair and it was long like abi and short now lik abi wow hahah 3 girls cut my friend aris hair at midnight we had lots of rootbear:)well if abi has been worried why i havent been on myspace or facebook anymore is because i dont have any more time .yeahh well peace out!