Jubi, Jubi, Jubi!

She changes so quickly, nearly 3 months old now!
Her neck has gotten steadily stronger, and she does like to look around. She's started grabbing and holding on. Though I'd say that most of the time she doesn't realize there is anything in her hand. She has also started to slobber on things. Such as ones shoulder, her own fists, or maybe Mom's thumb. Whatever she can get close enough to. The only thing she seems to have an unreasonable dislike too, is bathing. Which is entirely the opposite of how Liberty was, Lib loved to lay in the tub and swish and splash. But Jubi does not enjoy it. It's the only thing she really cries about. Outside of that, she's a terribly happy baby.


Maddie said...

he is SOO cute!! :D :D You are so blessed! :D

Maddie said...

whoops! *blush* I meant to write "she", not "he"..SO sorry! *blush*

Jay Scott said...
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Susan said...

LOL, that was me :P

uhum.... They just don't let a person edit!!1

We love having her around! :D