Sleeping Under the Stars

Rock-a-bye girls in the trampoline......

Something came over us all, yesterday evening, to sleep on the trampoline



Ellie. Unfortunately Rebecca woke up and refused to be photographed :*( (hehe!) Kaja was hidden under the blankets. And well, I was the one taking pictures! :P

Come on girls get the blankets on the line!! (Hup, two, three, four......)

Maddi didn't care for any Jumping.

They were insisting Rebecca and I finish our tale of the "Little girl trapped on an Island"
"But no! maybe tonight" I grumbled.

The End. Or Good Morning :D


Abigail Jenny said...

lol! That looks fun!

B.K. said...

I don't think I'll do it again real soon, need some time to forget the crick I had in my neck the next morning. But I was glad just to hang out with the little girl. Even though we all live together, in rather tight proximities, often there gets to be kinda wall between us, the only time we communicate is when I'm handing out orders.

Lindserellie said...

A night to remember!