The Day At Grandma Jenny's Place

It started out with all of us checking out the wii they have set up for the residents were Grandma lives.

Blu, one of the only people in our family who has used one, was full of instruction. :P

This game is a little hazardous for toddlers. Jubi kept getting in the way of our swinging arms. Speaking of arms, mine are now aching and it's KILLING me!

Apparently playing on the wii had not zapped all of the children's energy, because after lunch they ran around tossing frisbees to and at each other.

Then, it was time to relax for awhile....

Violet and Abi watered Grandma's plants.

Had some jelly beans.

Then we all piled in the van, leaving Dad, Mom and Grandma behind, picked up a couple boxes of frozen treats and then headed to a park.

I wonder what the average age of children is, when food on their face starts to bother them.

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