Fort Scott Tragedy Tour

Last saturday Susi, Blu, Quincy (the dog) and I headed up to the Fort, we went to help with some organizing and labeling in the "Magic Room" (where they keep all the re-enacting clothes), and then participated in the new Tragedy Tour.

Susi portrayed Mrs. Terrot, who's husband was an officer and died while dismounting from his horse, his pistol got tangled and went off, shooting him in the chest. She wore the dark colors because Mrs. Terrot had also recently lost her month old son, and would have been in mourning.

And I portrayed Mrs. Mahala Doyle, a poor farmers wife, who's husband and two older sons were killed by John Brown in one of his raids.

Blu and Quincy were in a scene together, where two soldiers were suppose to have been fighting over a dog and one eventually shot the other, Blu was just an innocent bystander, in the wrong place and the wrong time. And unfortunately I didn't get any photos of him.

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