Trip tp the Pumpkin Patch

A couple weeks ago the home-education group made a trip to the Hickory Creek Pumpkin Patch.

Along with the actual pumpkin patch, they also have several other attractions. Such as this pretend horse that Liberty enjoyed.

Maddi Jo in the sand box. I think that is a snoozing pig top-right. The girls tell me they also have other animals, a miniature donkey, a pony, a small cow, some chickens, etc. etc.

I think Violet had a fun time.

A large cattle water trough full of corn seed. Miss Ellie on the left.

Kaja and Liberty.
Mom used to have a bin of rice us children could play in, that was fun. But it can't compete with this.

Here is Liberty milking the cow. When she saw this photo, she particularly told that that was her, milking a pretend cow. And apparently it was warm enough that she wanted to remove her shoes........but not her socks.

And just so you know, that's water coming out.

Group Photo. About half are us.

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