Regarding the animals

We had to go chase the goats out of the north field, and I thought I'd take a few photos along the way, give you a little idea of what going on in regards to the animals.

Between the house and the White Barn we have a couple simple bridges, they don't serve much purpose this time of the year, but in the late winter and spring they are essential, many a boots have almost been lost to the never ending depths of the muck that develops here.

We just use them for fun now.

Blu has a couple pigeons that hang around the barn and.....well they poop on everything. There is a lot of different kinds of poop up there. I kinda stay away from the barn.

Liberty's short legs do not lend themselves to brisk walking.

But she doesn't seem to mind lagging behind.

Maddi Jo wasn't pleased with what her sister Kaja had to say, this is when she decided to head home.
And behind her you can see the goat herd, which has been greatly minimized over the summer. Been doing some culling. That sounds kinda cruel. We sold all the angoras that weren't either light red or white, and all the dairy-angoras mixes.

Kaja's Alpine milk goat, Vail. She is partial to particular kinds of leaves.

Vi and........

.......Ellie took a couple detours to climb.

Yucca, our good little quarter horse.

These are our three cows. The one in the middle is the mother of the one on the right, and that one, is the mother of the one on the left. They kinda go in order of color intensity.

Annebelle (the grandma) is the milk cow. The other two are not real friendly, but she is..........though...it may be that she's just looking for a snack.

She's is a much loved cow.

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Jo said...

Awww, it's a three generation cow patch. Adorable. Hehehe.