New Door!

Well, new to us. We put in another entrance/exit located in the back of the house. Dad found a used door locally on craigslist.org for 30 bucks.

When we woke up, it seemed that a cloud had settled right on top of our house.

A misty, moisty morning.

The carpenter, Jonathan, showed up at about 7:30 and hoped to be able hang this door and the two located on Mom's studio (not pictured), But we didn't get the camera out before Susi was put to work, removing the siding.

And then it got put away until after we started to put the siding back on.

Jonathan, the carpenter, gave several of the children a lesson in applying it.

Susi, I think she is examining her work, or maybe giving out orders?

Blu helped with the whole project, I hope he remembers everything, we may have some more doors to hang.

Maddi Jo's job was to keep an eye on everything.

This is Jonathan. He learned lot about our Lawton life. He seemed to have a nice time (sometimes it takes a person a minute to get over the initial "run away!" feeling).

Almost done.

Even closer to being done!

Daddy helped Maddi with her job.

Violet looking a bit sheepish, it's a no-no touching Blu's belongings.

Ellie's self-portrait with Jonathan in the background. She was the photographer for all of these photos, except the last one.

Old door, new hole. Not bad...not bad at all.

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BelovedPeace said...

Congratulations on the new member of your family!!!!!!!!!! :OD Pictures please!!! Hehe! :-)
Amy :O)